About Us

Precious Bbyz began in 2012 as an outlet for product design and handsewn plush. In a few short years, we have grown from cutting fabric in a childhood bedroom to traveling around America; spreading fun, friendship, and whimsy wherever we go.

Based out of south Texas, community and self expression is baked into every single Precious Bbyz product. Whether it's a bashful plush, a pastel t-shirt, or a whimsical enamel pin, Precious Bbyz is always with you and ready for the next adventure!

You can find us online here at Preciousbbyz.com, and instore at the Kei Collective in Phoenix, AZ, and at cons all across the country!

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I hope you love these fun and kawaii friends as much as I enjoy designing them.


Precious Bbyz



If you have any questions or comments about our shop, products, or website, please inquire at Preciousbbyzshop@gmail.com